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 FAQ - Spare and Replacement parts for ship dealerships
 Which certificate can I receive?
 We can provide the following certificates:
  1. Manufacturers certificate (free of charge)
  2. Manufacturers certificate with Certification company's seal (small charge)
  3. Certificate and product stamp from certification company. (additional charge due to labour costs by the certification company)
 What is the latest time I can apply for a certificate?
 If a certificate is required then this must be applied for at the time of ordering due to manufacturers demands, that is why it is important to check the Order Acknowledgement, if the certificate is not listed but needed, please call us immediately.
 Which certification company do you work with?
 We can offer you certificates from any certification company you require! Our best experience is with:
  • GL German Lloyds and the
  • R.M.R.S. Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
A lot of our customers have their home ports in Russia and therefore the R.M.R.S is preferred by them.
  What is with the parts supplied without a certificate ...
 ...are they of lower quality? The answer is NO!
It is important for us to supply parts of high quality, after many years of dealing with various manufacturers we have built-up a list of reliable and good manufacturers who work to continuing and increasing high standards.
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